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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Cut the Rope: Time Travel released for Android, iPhone and iPad

Cut the Rope: Time TravelZeptoLab, the creators of popular game Cut the Rope has launched the Cut the Rope: Time Travel a new game in the Cut the Rope series. 
In this game Om Nom stumbles upon a time travel machine and is using it to go back in time and discover his roots, teaming up with his candy-chomping kin along the way. Cut the Rope was first launched in October 2010, Cut the Rope Experiments was launched for iPhone  and iPad on August 2011, which was released on Android last March.It also feature a new season of the award-winning Om Nom Stories animated series, so fans can go on the adventure with Om Nom as he travels back in time and across the globe to meet his ancestors throughout the ages. This has a same mechanism as the Cut the Rope, where players cut the ropes and collect stars to unlock levels with challenging new gameplay elements. Instead of one, you need to feed two hungry green monsters.
Download Cut the Rope: Time Travel: Android (ad-supported)(free) HD version for Android (ad-free) ($0.99 / Rs. 55), Cut the Rope: Time Travel for iPhone ($0.99) and Cut the Rope: Time Travel HD for iPad($2.99 / Rs.170).

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